Does the Suweeka product work on a 1 1/4″ Hitch?

At present the Suweeka product is designed and built to only work with a 2″ hitch. This is common in the hitch mounted rack world.

What color is the Bike Lifter?

Our Bike Lifter is black, and a combination of powder coated steel components and anodized aluminum components.  

What comes with the Bike Lifter? 

You have the option of purchasing the Bike Lifter with a single tray or with two trays. This will include our Quick Connect Hitch Mount, (AKA stinger) that locks in place with our anti rattle cam, our bike lifter and either two trays or a single tray, and four rollercam tie downs for the double tray option or two rollercam tie downs for the single tray option. 

Does a Suweeka rack ship ready to install?

Some minor assembly is required, see our installation instruction for specific details.

Will the Bike Lifter work with a trike or three wheeled E-Bike? 

Yes, if the combined weight of the bike and battery are under 240#. 

Where is the Suweeka product produced?

As of our launch in 2023, all components for the Suweeka Bike Lifter are designed in Portland, OR and produced and assembled in the US.

Is the Bike Lifter approved for attaching to RVs?


Is the Suweeka Bike Lifter approved for Off Road use?


What is covered under the Suweeka warranty?

Suweeka product is designed to work properly today and for a “lifetime”. With proper care and maintenance of your Suweeka rack, you can expect many years of use. To that end we offer replacement items for parts that we designate as “consumables”, or items that might stretch, break or wear out over time. If issues arise, please contact us at info@suweeka.com and we will be happy to start a conversation and ensure that our customers remain pleased with their decision to purchase the Suweeka product.

Where did the name Suweeka come from?

Suika is Japanese for watermelon.

Suica, is a prepaid money card for using the Japanese rail system and for shopping. Suica stands for “Super Urban Intelligent Card”

After visiting Japan in 2010 & 2014, our Co Founder Kirk found himself saying the word and having a smile on his face as well as fond memories of his travels. What started out as a placeholder name for the emerging rack company, soon became the name of choice.

We hope that you enjoy saying Suica/Suika, Suweeka and that you envision a design led cargo carrying system, delicious watermelons, and travelling Japan via the super efficient, on schedule robust rail system that is a hallmark of Japan.