The first of its kind!

The Bike Lifter is the first offering in the Suweeka ecosystem.  As with all Suweeka products it incorporates our patent pending Quick Connect System which eliminates the hassle of installing and removing your rack from the vehicle. The Bike Lifter is designed around transporting E-bikes/E-motos and bicycles.  It allows the bike rack to lower to the ground for roll-on/roll-off loading and then to be easily raised into place for transit.

Suweeka Bike Lifter

The first of its kind!

The bike lifter is the first offering in the Suweeka ecosystem, the patent pending Quick Connect System eliminates the hassle when installing and removing your rack with the introduction of the Quick Connect Hitch Cleat. The hitch mounted bike rack is designed around transiting E-bikes/E-motos and bikes, the Bike Lifter raises and lowers to the ground, allowing for simple roll on/roll off loading.

Suweeka Bike Lifter
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240 pounds overall carrying capacity, 120 pounds per tray
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Designed, fabricated, and assembled in the US
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31 inches of total articulation, 18 inches of travel when lowered

Raising and Lowering

The Lifter Rack

Introducing the Bike Lifter, our first racking solution, focusing on the challenges of loading and unloading as well as transiting E-bikes & E-motos. The Bike Lifter allows you to raise your bikes (120 pounds per bike tray, 240 pounds overall) into transit position and to lower your bike when you arrive at your destination. The Bike Lifter comes in black and includes our Quick Connect Hitch Cleat (stinger), anti rattle cam and four Rollercam wheel straps for the double tray version and two Rollercam wheel straps for the single tray version.

Bike Lifter with two trays, $2599.00.
Bike Lifter with single tray, $2099.00.

Quick Connect System

Our Quick Connect System allows for easy ON and OFF attachment of our racking solutions to the vehicle. The Bike Lifter works with a 2” receiver.

The system eliminates the effort and time it takes to install traditional hitch-based racks that require awkward positioning, strenuous lifting as well as crawling under the rear of your vehicle each time the rack is put in use.

We make it easy and practical to put your Bike Lifter on to begin your adventure and take it off when you return home. No more driving around for days and weeks at a time with an idle rack exposed to weather and potential damage when not in use.

Quick Connect Hanger
Roll on/Roll off

Roll On/Roll Off

You no longer need to lift your E-bike up on to the rack.

Our bike trays are designed to accept tires of all sizes up to 5” in width, and wheels of all sizes up to 29” & 700cc in diameter.

Folds Up & Away When Not in Use

The Suweeka Bike Lifter folds when not in use, simply by pulling on a release pin and lifting up on the rack. At 90 degrees, the Bike Lifter locks into place.

Fold up and away.
Frame Coupler

Stabilizer Assembly

Our Stabilizer Assembly is designed for maximum adjustability to support the wide range of bike sizes and configurations. Our adjustability accounts for variability in wheel base, tire width + diameter, fenders, child carriers + foot rests, tube diameters and angles. We have taken all of these variables into consideration and come up with the most adaptable means of connecting your bike to the rack on the market.

Stabilizer Hinge Plate

By using T slot extrusions, we have built in versatility. You can easily adjust the hinge plate fore and aft as you tailor your lifter rack to your specific bike fit.

Frame Coupler
Frame Coupler

Frame Coupler

There is no standard when it comes to E-bike frames, our Stabilizer Beam pivots 180 degrees, and our Frame Coupler allows for up & down travel along the Stabilizer Beam, providing the ultimate in adjustability and compatibility with your E-bike frame.

Rollercam® Tiedown Strap

Rollercam Technology substantially reduces the friction force and allows the webbing to be tightened with ease and a higher force. Rollercam products were developed for use in the Overlanding and Off-Road world. They have been trusted to secure precious gear for years and the Rollercam itself is a marvel of ingenuity and engineering.

Rollercam® Tiedown Strap